Exit Planning

Business Exit Planning Made Simple

You hear a lot about planning for the day you will exit your business.  If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Most small businesses never make it to the point of actually selling because most business owners fail to plan early enough to make a difference.

Reasons Why Business Owners Transfer Their Business

  • Become incapacitated while running their business
  • Die while running their business
  • Retirement
  • Sell their business to:

o   A Family Member

o  A Key Employee

o  An Outside Buyer

Business Exit Planning Addresses Key Areas

  • Determining the value of the business with a business valuation.
  • Determining when you want out and at what price by setting goals and objectives
  • Establishing the deal structure to determine your net income
  • Putting your team of advisors together
  • Finding the right type of buyer
  • Negotiating the Sale to close
  • Planning for unforeseen events
  • Managing Risk can effect your business assets
  • Putting the plan into action

Our proprietary exit planning system is the best in the industry. Our report explains our exit planning process.

Often Insurance professionals who do exit plans only are trying to sell you INSURANCE. As professional business brokers, we are concerned with the small business owner having a plan that helps them SELL or EXIT their business.

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